The Cognitive Modeling Lab is located on the beautiful campus of the University of California Santa Cruz, deep within a coastal redwood forest. We study cognition, memory, and action. Our research focuses on cognitive systems in the brain that facilitate our ability to act strategically and optimally. We also examine those processes in the brain that can constrain our use of optimal task strategies. These constraints reveal important features of how the mind works, and allows us to predict human performance on a variety of simple and complex tasks. Our studies involve human behavior in both laboratory contexts and real-world task settings using a variety of techniques including traditional behavioral measures (e.g., response time and accuracy), electromyography, functional magnetic resonance imaging, and computational modeling/simulation.

Participate in Our Research

Graduate Students
Inquire about applying to UCSC and working with Dr. Seymour and the rest of the CogMod Lab

Undergraduate Research Assistants
Gain valuable research experience in cognitive science and help us conduct our studies

Research Participants
Help us collect high-quality data by being one of our research participants